Season 1 - Geology of Wisconsin

In the first season of Under Our Feet, we go deep into Wisconsin. Far from a flyover, the "Badger state" has a long and fascinating record of Earth's history. In fact, you can find rocks that are more than 2.7 billion (that's 2,700,000,000!) years old right next to rocks jostled by glaciers just a few thousand years ago. That's more time represented than in the entire Grand Canyon, top to bottom. There are stories of dramatic collisions between continents, volcanoes sprouting near Lake Superior, oceans rising and falling, and mile thick ice sheets scraping the bedrock as they grow and retreat.

You might be wondering, "should I listen to this even if I've never been to Wisconsin?" Definitely! The stories of the Earth and the stories of people you'll hear this season are interesting even if you don't have a connection to Wisconsin. If you've never set foot in the state before, this podcast might just lead you to consider a vacation Up North. Further, I hope it provokes curiousity about places where you have lived, worked, and played. Who knows, those places might just be featured in a future season of Under Our Feet!


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